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J Dilla – Dime Piece Ft Dwele. (Remix) [2006]
Lisa Banton – How Many. [2009]
Rebekka B Maeland – Summer Feeling. [2013]
Ella Fitzgerald – Too Darn Hot (RAC Remix) [2013]
Oskar Skarp – Serendipity Ft Per Johansson + Mika Sn. [2011]
HezeKiah + Bahamadia – Gypsy Slang (Leksa Remix) [2012]
Mop Mop – Loa Chant Ft Sara Sayed. [2013]
Quentin Moore – Natural Sista. [2013]
Kenya Soulsinger – Lovetopia. [2013]
D’Flower – Egyptian Musk. [2013]
Sola Rosa – Real Life Ft LA Mitchell [2013]
Blu + Exile – Soul Amazing (Soul Blazing) [2007]
Sa Ra – So Special Ft Roxxi Daime. [2007]
Sa Ra – Hey Love. [2007]
D’Flower – Endless Love. [2013]
Sorry Drummer – Perto Dem Him [2013]
Jill Scott – I Love You. [2011]
Nikki Grier – Higher. [2013]
Malice + Mario – Date Nite. (TBG Remix) [2011]
Don E – Hold On. (Bk2Da90z) Remix [2013]
Nicolay – Theme From “City Lights” [2005]
Ralf Gum, Jon Pierce + Kefele – Never (Louie Vega EOL mix) [2013]
Soulful Session + Lynn Lockamy – Hostile Takeover. (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper mix) [2013]
Distant People – My Love Song. (Ian Friday Remix) [2013]
Taliwa – Music For My Soul. (Sean McCabe Remix) [2013]
Eric Rico – So Devine. [2013]
Antonello Ferrari Ft Jennifer Wallace – Make Room For Me. Micky More Jazz/Funk mix. [2013]
LIVE every Saturday 5-7pm UK 96.9FM //
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