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TOTO productions + Urban Street Soul Orchestra | Unreleased Tracks

After being locked in a vault for around 15 years we’re finally getting to hear more of what London UK’s TOTO productions recorded back in the early + mid 90’s. TOTO which created Urban Street Soul Orchestra (Daz-I-Kue, Don Ricardo, Hil St Soul, Steven Ville, Julie Smith and Paul ‘vibe’ C) originally produced a catalog of material that was never released, and after USSO went their separate ways the tracks stayed locked away until the group eventually rejoined in 2011 and started to release their back catalog.

The first to surface was the long over due Spice Of Life album originally recorded in 1997 which finally saw an official release in December 2011.
Here are two more unreleased joints from the USSO vault.. the killer “Grapevine” features Stevie Ville on vocals who joined TOTO Productions in the early 90’s + also featured on the “Slice of Life” lead single with Don Ricardo. “Never Had A Love” is another quality track featuring vocalist Jennifer Phillips.. It’s good to know they’re currently working on new material which could hopefully get a release later this year..
In the mean time, enjoy these vintage gems.


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