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This talented Canadian artist celebrates her debut 2010 LP “It’s Time We Officially Meet” A collection of 12 beautifully blending Neo-soul, jazz, reggae and pop rock influenced tracks with smooth seductive vocals and thought-provoking lyrics.

The SoJay story started at an early age, singing and participating in local choirs and competitions before relocating to Toronto, Canada from her home city of Ottawa. As a teenager in a new city she’d always had singing on her mind and eventually got invlolved in the music scene by volunteering her time for Phem Phat Productions, producers of the all female talent showcase Honey Jam and has never looked back. She’s says; that experience changed my life by introducing me to the Toronto music scene and was the first of many career defining moments.
To date, she has shared the stage with some of the most talented artists in the industry, including: Saidah Baba Talibah, Natasha Waterman, Divine Brown, Ray Robinson, Toya Alexis and Toronto soul Hop artist a.k.a SUBLIMINAL. Perfoming both vocal duties on his song “Music” for the TRAINATHOUGHT LP as well as live on stage when he opened for Eric Roberson at this years 2010 Urban Music Festival.

Toronto seems to breed talented artists and Sojay is no exception. Apart from her current debut LP, SoJay is also a talented voiceover artist, actress and has a previous EP under her belt from back in 2000. She tell us; “It’s difficult to express into words how passionate I am about this current project, it’s been an extraordinary experience and I hope listeners will sit back, close their eyes, feel the energy and SMILE because this is why I make music”.

Her debut album is a real gem for both music lovers and supporters of todays Indie music artists, with her sweet vocals taking you on a journey through life experiences with songs like the jazzy “Sentimental” to the more Hophop influenced “Love U But Don’t Like U” and Rock Reggae rhythms of “Boulevard Of Dreams”. Using conscious lyrics and personal influences such as Prince, Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott “It’s Time We Officially Meet” is definately breaking the mold that is often associated with today’s music. It’s an all round package of Neo-soul, jazz, reggae and pop rock in one sitting

You can catch Sojay performing tracks from her album live on a weekly basis around the Toronto bar and club circuit. Check her out HERE. Buy her debut album HERE


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